Adit Testdesk Testserver 2.50 B2276a 1.0

Adit Testdesk Testserver 2.50 B2276a 1.0



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Date Added:26 November, 2012

Author: Adit Software

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Adit Testdesk revolutionizes the process of testing students and performing various questionnaires, quizzes and surveys. The comprehensive test suite allows you to design, implement, run, grade and assess the results of a test of any complexity. Plain-text customer satisfaction surveys, product questionnaires, language tests, university exams and sophisticated certification tests are all made easily possible with Adit Testdesk.

Tests and Exams: from Paper-based to Computer-based
Paper-based exams are easy to run, but time-consuming to grade and quite impossible to evaluate without entering the results into a PC. Adit Testdesk moves you straight into XXI century by allowing you to skip the paper altogether. With Adit Testdesk, you design and run the test on a computer, while grading and evaluating the results is performed completely automatically by the program.

Automatic Test Grading
Even the most complex questions with cross-references and dependencies can be automatically graded with the help of an automated script. For those few questions that cannot be graded by the computer no matter what, such as essays and spoken responses, manual grading is still available.

Multitude of Question Types
No matter what type of a test you have in mind, Adit Testdesk has just a perfect choice of question types. True-false, multiple choice and plain-text are among the simplest types, and the most common ones. Matching, hotspots, drawing and connecting, essays or spoken replies are also frequently employed by Adit Testdesk users. Lists, grids, trees, constant sums, and many other types of questions are also available to satisfy the most demanding requirements. If needed, a time limitation can be put in place. For complete list of question types, tee the list below.

Test questions can be just about anything. You can use plain text, still images, embedded videos, Adobe Flash animations, tables, graphs and charts as well as embedded objects of any nature. In fact, you can use just about any type of objects to build into a test. If you can paste it into a Word document, you can use it with Adit Testdesk!
Release notes: New Release
New Features:
TE New text actions
TE Split table
TE Sort table
TE Convert table to text

TE Cell rotation in table
TE Print testing results from grid
TE Export testing results from grid
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Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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